Graham Lappin has a PhD in biochemistry and has been in research for 30-years. Specialising in the use of isotopes to research the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of xenobiotics, Graham has held 3 adjunct professorships (Duke University, North Carolina, USA, Medical University of Vienna, Austria and the University of Lincoln, UK). He was also an advisor at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

For a number of years, Graham was a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society of Chemistry and Fellow of the Institute of Biology (now Royal Society of Biology). He was an Emeritus member of the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Chief Scientific Officer for accelerator mass spectroscopy facilities based in York, UK and Maryland, USA (Some accelerator mass spectrometers can be seen in the Gallery page).

Graham became an academic at the University of Lincoln (UK) in 2012 where he founded a BSc in Pharmaceutical Science. Graham has published over 50 scientific papers and two textbooks, “Radiotracers in Drug Development” and “Clinical Pharmacokinetics From The Beginning” He also maintains a YouTube channel focusing on pharmacokinetics. He is now largely retired although still writing, and contributing to academia through teaching.