Mass poisoning and emergence of life

A paper recently appeared in Nature Geoscience that may have found the oldest case of mass murder by poisoning. Think of ancient cases of poisoning and your mind might go back as far as the ancient Greeks and their inclination towards hemlock (the Greek philosopher, Socrates died of hemlock poisoning in 399 BCE). But theContinue reading “Mass poisoning and emergence of life”

Homeopathy – whatever it is, it's not science

Homeopathy is one of the most prevalent and pernicious forms of alternative medicine in existence. There are many who steadfastly believe in homeopathy even though the foundations not only have no basis in reality, they are really quite bizarre. Preparation of a homeopathic remedy involves taking a substance which causes similar symptoms to some diseaseContinue reading “Homeopathy – whatever it is, it's not science”