Who will buy my supplement?

If I were unscrupulous and cared more about money than my reputation then I recon I could do well in the world of dietary supplements. Allow me to sell you my wonder supplement Metalo-Lappin-Detox. The industrial age has seen an unprecedented increase in heavy metal pollution that can lead to mental and physical deterioration andContinue reading “Who will buy my supplement?”

CAM preys on the vulnerable – and I should know

Those who know me, readers of this blog, or followers on Twitter know I am not a fan of so called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). When asked why I care about CAM and why I spend my time attacking it in the way I do, it’s because of my own vulnerability. I should startContinue reading “CAM preys on the vulnerable – and I should know”

Everyday use of the Scientific Method

About a year ago I had an experience of how the scientific method could apply to a simple domestic situation. I thought I would share it as there are parallels between science and pseudoscience in this story of everyday folk. I rented a house in Lincoln (UK) whilst I was an academic at the University’sContinue reading “Everyday use of the Scientific Method”

Elemental Beings (the mythical story of the discovery of radioactivity)

Living in the deepest part of the Cosmos were some Supreme Beings. Feeling bored, one of these beings took up a hobby. “I will become a collector,” said the Supreme Being. “I will collect everything that goes to make up the Universe. All the fundamental units that combine to construct every substance in existence. IContinue reading “Elemental Beings
(the mythical story of the discovery of radioactivity)”

Antibiotic from breast milk – really?

The headlines read: New drug to wipe out superbugs – antibiotic ‘bullet’ created from breast milk (The Times) Breast milk could wipe out hospital superbugs and even incurable diseases (Express) Breast milk protein could be used in fight against antibiotic resistance (Guardian) Breast milk protein could destroy antibiotic resistant superbugs (Independent) Drug resistant bugs destroyedContinue reading “Antibiotic from breast milk – really?”

Pseudoscience versus science – is there an answer?

I first became aware of pseudoscientific nonsense when I was a student back in the 1970s. I remember many of my fellow students buying little plastic pyramids in the belief it gave them more ‘energy’ or made them smarter – particularly around exam time. A good friend of mine was an acupuncturist and was proneContinue reading “Pseudoscience versus science – is there an answer?”

Mass poisoning and emergence of life

A paper recently appeared in Nature Geoscience that may have found the oldest case of mass murder by poisoning. Think of ancient cases of poisoning and your mind might go back as far as the ancient Greeks and their inclination towards hemlock (the Greek philosopher, Socrates died of hemlock poisoning in 399 BCE). But theContinue reading “Mass poisoning and emergence of life”