A Crisis of Infection

It’s amazing what humankind can achieve with the right amount of political will and resources. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Roosevelt oversaw the rebuilding of the Pacific fleet in only 6-months. Driven by rivalry with the Soviet Union, Kennedy announced in May 1961, “…we choose to go to the moon …”Continue reading “A Crisis of Infection”

Antibiotic from breast milk – really?

The headlines read: New drug to wipe out superbugs – antibiotic ‘bullet’ created from breast milk (The Times) Breast milk could wipe out hospital superbugs and even incurable diseases (Express) Breast milk protein could be used in fight against antibiotic resistance (Guardian) Breast milk protein could destroy antibiotic resistant superbugs (Independent) Drug resistant bugs destroyedContinue reading “Antibiotic from breast milk – really?”